13psi – NFL Playoff Round Up 18 January 2015

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13psi – NFL Playoff Round Up 18 January 2015

I’d just like to state right off the bat (yes, wrong sport; whatever) that I’m getting really sick and tired of being right. Last week, I predicted that the Seahawks and the Patriots would win despite desperately, desperately wanting it to be a Packers vs. Colts Super Bowl.

Granted, it’s not as though I’m some sort of football savant or anything. I’m not a betting person so I have no idea what the Vegas numbers looked like, but I’m willing to bet that both the Seahawks and the Patriots were pretty heavily favored. Like, sure, “any given Sunday”, and all that blah blah blah, but we all knew. WE ALL KNEW.

So all that said, I’m just gonna flat out admit that didn’t watch either game this weekend.

Actually, no. That’s not entirely true. I did watch the first half of the Green Bay/Seattle game, just long enough to get my hopes up, but not long enough to watch them get brutally hacked to pieces.

Instead I got pie.


Right, so anyway, the Packers did eventually lose to the Seahawks in, from what I understand, was a pretty heartbreaking overtime. (Well, heartbreaking for Packers fans, anyway. Seahawks fans found it crotch-grabbingly wonderful, I’m sure.)

So then there was the New England/Indianapolis game. I didn’t watch a single second of this one and, I have to say, I’m not at all sorry for it. Judging by the end score (45 to SEVEN, WTF) there wasn’t much to miss.

Or so I thought.

Then again, I’m willing to hazard that Deflategate/Ballghazi/another hilariously clever moniker created to document this ridiculous distraction has been about ten thousand times more entertaining than any second of that game, no matter how many tantrums Tom Brady may or may not have thrown. I’m still unwilling to regret my choices.

Luckily, we still have another week to enjoy these shenanigans (though, honestly, the whole thing is just getting a bit sad now — I blame Bill Nye’s involvement; it was all downhill from there) until we have to sit down and watch Tom Brady in his sixth Super Bowl.


For now, I’ll make my last prediction for the 2014/2015 season and state for the record that the Seahawks will win Super Bowl XLIX. If only because the entire country, barring those actually living in and around the New England area, DESPERATELY WANT THE PATRIOTS TO LOSE.

That much blind, American hope can’t fail, right?

Then again, there’s something terrifyingly ironic about Americans blindly hoping for a team called the Patriots to lose, I suppose.


Joy Mountfort
Joy is a Pension Specialist by day and ridiculous fangirl by night (she has a cat named after a Star Trek character), and a third generation and life-long Dallas Cowboys fan. Please don't hold this against her. Though she also enjoys watching hockey, sometimes a college football game here and there, and the occasional baseball game, the NFL is her true sports passion. She's also dabbled in film production and has an incurable love for One Direction.

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