This Week In Pucks: 2/21/15

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This Week In Pucks: 2/21/15

Iron Mike is back and still angry

Remember Mike Keenan? He’s back and better than ever. Known as one of the NHL’s hardest and toughest coaches, ‘Iron Mike’ is the current coach of KHL team Mettallurg Mg. During a recent game, the referees sent one of Keenan’s players to the box for a penalty, but Keenan thought the other player should have been whistled for a diving infraction. The result? A lot of yelling and screaming at the other bench and the refs. Never change, Mike.


Miracle on Ice team to come together for 35 year anniversary

35 years ago, on February 22, a rag-tag bunch of college kids from all over the United States to beat the greatest hockey team of all time, the Red Army from the Soviet Union. It’s the ultimate rags-to-riches story with a fairy tale ending, and in honor of the 35th anniversary of the event this year, the team is recreating the moment. All living members of the Miracle team recently reunited in Lake Placid to celebrate the occasion. Some of the events include a panel with some of the players to discuss the game itself, as well as raising a jersey in memory of defenseman Bob Suter, who passed away this past September.


Reporting live from San Jose

San Jose’s media staff has done it again. You may remember their classic ‘Holiday Sweater’ video released around Christmas- an unorthodox but highly entertaining video that went viral. Whoever runs their video staff clearly knows what they’re doing, because they’ve made another hit in anticipation of their outdoor series against the LA Kings in the upcoming Stadium Series game. The video- a weather report that warns against incoming snow (just a few hundred miles away). Highlights include James Sheppard in a mustache and some great eyebrows and John Scott making another cameo in what’s becoming a storied career in embarrassing NHL videos.


NHL introduces advanced stats on website

The debate on advanced stats has become increasingly more mainstream as stats like Corsi and Fenwick start making their way into the public. Keeping up with the trend, NHL recently redesigned their stats page on their website to include some new measurements to help introduce these statistics to more viewers. The release was somewhat controversial because the league decided to rename some of the statistics- fans won’t find Fenwick or Corsi anywhere on the pages. Regardless, it’s another small step in incorporating advanced statistics into the NHL.


It’s time: #TankNation

Whether or not you’re a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, if you haven’t already, you should check out Steve Dangle, a video blogger/writer who makes silly videos about the Leafs. Unfortunately, because of the Leafs’ recent struggles (they currently sit in the bottom five teams in the league) the Leafs seem to have broken Steve in his latest LFR, entitled ‘All In.’ If you haven’t seen it yet, I won’t spoil it for you, but rest assured- it’s worth the watch. Unless you’re a Leafs fan- for you guys, maybe it’s better that you don’t watch this, actually.


Hockey Weekend Across America

Woooo! In non-professional hockey related news, it’s Hockey Weekend Across America, a weekend where hockey programs attempt to grow the game in the US. Friday was ‘Wear Your Jersey’ day, and on Saturday hundreds of rinks across the US participated in ‘Try Hockey for Free’ day, a great incentive for kids who have never tried the sport before to step onto the ice, put on some equipment, and just play.


Money talk: the escalator influx

It’s never fun to talk about money issues, but this is an article that could have some serious implications with next year’s salary cap. According to the article, some GM’s are concerned that the player’s wont exercise their ability to use a five percent escalator that would raise the salary cap for next season. In layman’s term, it means that whether or not the players decide to go with the five percent increase or propose their own growth method could have a pretty dramatic impact on the salary cap next year, making teams that are already crunched for cash sweat a little bit as they try to stay under the cap.


Flames close to breaking NHL record for third period comebacks

The Flames have surprised a lot of people this year by not hovering around the bottom of the league in points. They’re currently in a playoff spot in the Western Conference, and that’s in part due to their incredible ability to come back in games. They’ve come back to win an astounding 10 times this year after going into the third period with the other team in front. The NHL record for third period comebacks is currently held by the San Jose Sharks, who did it 12 times in 2012. Will the Flames tie or surpass the record this year? If the luck keeps coming like it has been this year, it wouldn’t be surprising in the least.


Dr. Ovechkin? Ovi getting advanced degree

Alex Ovechkin is known for sniping better than anyone in the league, delivering devastating body checks, and now- getting his advanced degree? According to the website russianmachineneverbreaks, Ovechkin is indeed getting his graduate degree in Russia. According to the article, it’s equivalent to a master’s program here in the US, and he will be defending his dissertation, titled “Speed training for high level hockey players at CSKA, Dinamo, and Spartak”, either next year or the year after. Mad props, Ovechkin- turns out you can still be smart AND good at sports.


LA Kings win six in a row

In the Western Conference, the LA Kings have pulled off a miraculous turnaround after poor play had them sitting near the bottom of the tight Western Conference and far out of a playoff spot. They got hot and shot up the standings, winning six in a row and now sit just two points out of a playoff spot with three games in hand on San Jose, who hold the last wildcard spot. Will the Kings sneak into the playoffs? Only time will tell.

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