Hockey Debutante: Hey Hotshot!

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Hockey Debutante: Hey Hotshot!

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I’ve said it before that anything is possible with the right playlist. So as I dragged myself out of bed at 5.30am on a weekday to make it into stick and puck, I queued up a playlist that starts with the Hilltop Hoods’ Cosby Sweater, I threw on my Crosby sweater and hit the ice.

After getting dressed under the watchful gaze of Phil #battlepotato Kessel, I spent the session focusing on finding my edges, working on those crossovers and trying to find some rhythm with my faster skating. It’s really amazing how much you can improve when you push yourself to do the same thing until it sticks.

Sometimes we are so anxious to get to the next cool skill that we gloss over the things we aren’t so good at. That’s not the way to improve.

Coach Canada reinforced that as we worked through the drills in class last week. Do it right, Don’t worry if you only do it twice, just slow down and do it right.

It wasn’t all serious though, Coach Intenso is away at the moment so Coach Canada taught us a few things that aren’t exactly on the lesson plan.

First of all, I need to apologise to my partner for the power skating resistance practise; I weigh twice as much as you, I’m really sorry you had to pull me up the ice. It was kinda fun though, and I really appreciated the work out.

Coach Canada taught us to SLAPSHOT! Ok, so I will probably never get to use a slapshot, since you can’t do it in summer hockey and I have a wooden stick right now so the whole flex thing doesn’t really happen. But it was still great fun to whack the hell out of the puck.

At stick and puck earlier in the week I actually got the net to myself for a few minutes and had a go at shooting the puck into an actual net. I don’t usually get anywhere near the nets during stick and puck, there are altogether many heroes of the rink around for me to risk, life, limb and perpetual embarrassment by attempting to send the puck anywhere I actually want it to go.

I want to give a shout out to one of those heroes, we’re gonna call him Hotshot. Hotshot and his pet goalie arrived halfway through the session, set up the go-pro  and went to town, slapshot after slapshot, and probably a lot of footage of me sucking at edges in the background… (Sorry!)

I figured I’d stay well away from the professionals and noodle around at the other end of the rink. Eventually one of their pucks slid down to my end of the rink and Hotshot asked me to pass him the puck, I almost passed out with fear and covered it with my usual snark, making a joke that the puck might not end up where he expects it if he’s asking me to pass it to him.

That’s when Hotshot surprised me.

He offered to show me some passing.

After I picked my jaw up off the ice I thanked him and declined, only because I had to go get ready for work.

Thanks Hotshot, you made my day, hope I get to take you up on the offer next time.

Hockey Debutante

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  1. So I’ve been reliably informed that as a woman I will NEVER get to use a slapshot in a game! What a load of hooey! Ladies!! Weigh in here, do you want slapshots in your games?

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