Formula 1: A Twitter’s Eye View of the Winter Break

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Formula 1:  A Twitter’s Eye View of the Winter Break

With just hours to go before the lights go out in Australia, Vicky Davis brings you the highlights of the off-season as seen through the lens of Social Media.

From the end of the last test in late November to the start of the first test of the 2015 season in February, media coverage of F1 plummets from hours upon hours of weekly content to almost nothing. Outside of key events such as the FIA Awards Gala, any remaining driver announcements, and romantic gossip, the sport enters a winter lull. Thankfully, social media maintains the connection between fans and drivers, giving us an insight into the mind of a Formula One driver deprived of their sport.


Of course, the end of the season doesn’t mean the end of official business. This year McLaren left key driver announcements until mid-December, which the drivers chose to report in their own unique way. Some took this final confirmation seriously:


And some rather less so:


There are official appearances still to be made, with Mercedes in particular keeping their drivers busy. Rosberg and Hamilton put on a show for the crowd, somehow managing to avoid crashing into each other:


Possibly assisted by the inescapable presence of their boss, Niki Lauda:



The FIA Championship trophies were still to be presented, with Daniel Ricciardo at least seemingly enjoying his first FIA Gala, though he would likely have been pulling the same smile no matter what:


Nico Rosberg seemed to be enjoying his first appearance, too, although was yet again unable to escape from one of his team bosses, with Toto Wolff collecting the Mercedes trophy:


Even in the off season, some people just can’t stop winning. Lewis Hamilton was awarded the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award by a margin of 86,000 votes:


And unlike the FIA Gala, he was allowed to bring his dog, Roscoe, to this event:


Lewis was not the only one to fill his winter break days with pets, with his team mate Rosberg getting a new dog:


Unfortunately, this was not an entirely peaceful addition to the household…



Other drivers spent precious time with their families over the offseason:


Especially those with young children to watch grow up:


But no matter how busy with family and remaining F1 commitments, time can still be made to poke fun at other drivers:


And indeed at yourself:


Some even find time to relax and develop new skills that will no doubt help them greatly in the F1 world, such as beer pong:


And guitar:


And even, uh, driving…


When time can be found around charity contributions:


But above all, there are countless hours of training to be performed. From the hot weather of Australia:


And a desert:


To the icy cold of Russia:


And cross country skiing:


With dolphins:


But more often on bikes:


Training was an inescapable commitment for all.

Some took this as an excuse to get back into karts, unable to stay away from a track for the whole off season.


Some even found races to compete in, going just a touch too far in pursuit of F1 speeds:26


While others were happy simply to test in new formulas, with new conditions to contend with:


But no matter what else they drive, ultimately we are all waiting for the season to restart.

From the beginning of the break,


To the end:


New and old drivers alike…


Are counting down the days!


Vicky Davis
Vicky is studying Biology at university, and grew up in a household obsessed with a wide variety of sports. One of her very first memories is of watching Formula 1, and this love only has grown and spread to encompass further disciplines of motorsport. Now a passionate WEC and Formula E fan, Vicky is thrilled to be attending her first live race in 2015. With further interests in tennis, rugby, and professional cycling, it's a wonder there's ever time for coursework!

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