Singing from the Terraces

Sunday 22nd, March 2015 / 10:33 Written by
Singing from the Terraces

It’s been a sports-filled weekend here at the E-I-C’s household, as all the best weekends are. Attending a sporting event in the US tends to involve a lot of great rituals, chief among which is tailgating – grilling and drinking in a stadium parking lot with plenty of other like-minded individuals. This happens rain, shine, or snow, but yesterday’s game – the home opener for the Colorado Rapids of MLS – was played under gorgeous blue skies, the weather warm and welcoming.

 The terraces that C38, the supporters group of the Rapids, have blocked out aren’t the biggest or fanciest, but the men and women who occupy the them every home game have boundless energy. They may not always follow the game closely – that much chanting and flag-waving is hard work – but it’s always fun to see the way their enthusiasm spreads. And everyone enjoys a rousing “who ate all the pies” chant at the goalkeeper, right?*

“Fan engagement” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot – right alongside “grow the game” – but what it boils down to is fans finding something that hooks them in, whether it’s the camaraderie of the tailgate, the songs in the terraces, a player with magic in his feet or hands or stick, or a rivalry that burns deep. When we talk about these things here at TOH, we do it with the understanding that we as engaged fans are a part of the magic recipe that makes going to a game so special. Whether it’s cheering the anthem at the Madhouse on Madison, singing along in the terraces, calling out another fan for homophobia or racism, or making our voices heard to the front offices of our club, we create the atmosphere that we want to be a part of.

We have that power.

Thanks for spending another week singing from the terraces with us at TOH. We’ve had a lot of great articles this week – if you’ve missed any, now is the time to catch up! 

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Thanks for another great week, readers! As always – if you have something to say, the comments are open, or you can tweet us @OtherHalfSports. And if you’re interested in writing for us, send us an email to


*That fat bastard, that fat bastard, he ate all the pies.

Eliza Eaton-Stern
Eliza is co-owner and Editor-in-Chief of The Other Half. She did her undergrad at the University of St. Andrews, where she once played air guitar with Prince William, and her Masters at the London School of Economics, where she wrote her dissertation on the history of military veterans in the Paralympic Movement. Despite the amount of time spent in Great Britain, she remains staunchly Midwestern in her feelings about how much cheese should accompany any given meal (lots). She lives in Colorado with her Hockey Hating Husband, where she plays rugby and yells at the TV about a wide variety of sports, including hockey, football, and other football.

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