The Monkey Seat – Small bites of the F1 banana

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The Monkey Seat – Small bites of the F1 banana

Giedo Van der Garde and Sauber F1 have spent Monday in the Victorian Supreme Court after seeking an emergency hearing. The Dutch driver claims he has a valid contract to race with the team in 2015 and was unfairly dismissed at the end of 2014. Sauber appear to have followed the almighty dollar in signing Swede Marcus Ericsson and Brazillian Felipe Nasr. Both of whom bring large sponsorships to the struggling team.

Van der Garde has already won a case in Switzerland, where the team is based,  but must bring the case to the Australian Courts to enforce ahead of this week’s Grand Prix.

Arguments have been presented by both sides with Sauber arguing that they would be unable to produce a seat and safe driving environment for Van der Garde in the 4 days remaining before the Formula One season gets underway.

Ericsson and Nasr have taken legal counsel of their own after claiming to being blindsided by the court case and kept in the dark by the team.They have indicated that if Van der Garde’s case were to succeed that they would also be pursuing legal action against Sauber.

The Supreme Court will announce its verdict at 10am Wednesday, local time.


Rumours are also circulating that Van der Garde has a back up plan should this Sauber case fail to fall in his favour. We will keep you posted.


Lotus also seems to be following the dollar with the signing of part time GP3 driver Carmen Jorda to their development team.  Jorda brings glamour and sponsors to the black and gold team. Your correspondent hopes she is getting something in return.


Fernando Alonso has been a shock withdrawal from the upcoming Australian Grand Prix. The Spaniard suffered concussion in the second Barcelona test. After insistences from the team that he did not have concussion and everything was fine Alonso spent four days under medical care.

Alonso and his management announced that due to the risk of second concussion syndrome he would miss the Australian grand prix under doctors’ advice. While we are glad to see the pinnacle of motorsport taking concussions seriously, we are sure that the chances of one or both Honda McLarens not making it to the end of the race went some way to influencing his decision.

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