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The Neighborhood is a weekly column brought to you by #TheManagingEditor. We can’t always cover every interesting story that comes up in sports, and there’s not always a place for the non-sports-related things we come across and want to share. Kick back with your favorite beverage and check out the many, many things #TME came across while wandering her internet neighborhood this week. (Photo credit: Sasha Davis)

“I have good news and bad news,” he said.

I was barely awake and totally incapable of processing the expression on his face, and let’s be real, that’s just not something you want to hear when you’ve been prodded awake at stupid-o-clock in the morning. Then there was the part where now he was wasn’t talking. I made a face that I hoped conveyed the appropriate amount of WTF DO YOU WANT.

“The good news is: we still live in Colorado.”

And I…what? What does that even mean? But it woke me up enough, finally, that when his expression shifted I could tell that whatever he was about to say was hilarious.

“The bad news is: it’s snowing.”

Whatever my face was at that moment had him laughing really hard, and really pleased with himself while I scrambled up to the window over our bed muttering profanity under my breath and desperate denials that he absolutely must be fucking with me.

Nope. Snow. The glee with which he cackled over ruining my day was just mean. I and my crackly pneumonia lungs had been really enjoying the 70 degree weather. Snow was just not welcome at that moment. GO HOME, COLORADO. YOU’RE DRUNK. But it turned out to be a bit of a blessing, because when I rolled over to see what god-awful time he’d woken me up it turned out to be 9:15 and not 6:15 and I had exactly fifteen minutes to get to my doctor. Thank god she’s less than two miles away, yeah?

I made it in time and the verdict was no chest x-rays because the antibiotics had done their job and the crackling was gone. And while I could expect fatigue and coughing for another week at least, maybe two, I was definitely recovering well.

Now I’m fantasizing about running again some time this year and getting enough strength back to learn to ice skate finally, without collapsing to the ground wishing for oxygen.

So, let’s start this week’s link-list with more TME-local stuff: Add Recovery To Your Bolder Boulder Training

Bolder Boulder is a 10k race that’s been held every year since 1979. It’s a run that requires qualifying for the first 31 waves. It’s a pretty big deal around here.

This article is going to be very pertinent for me as I get back into the swing of running after having been sick for four months now. It’s going to hard not to just go, and push myself to the limit out of frustration. It’s been pretty timely for me, and as running season gets well and truly underway I hope it will be a good reminder for you as well.

That’s all I really have for sports this week. The others here at TOH have been on top of things and posted some great articles on the NWHL news especially, and I’ll leave them to it.


Sports-adjacent I do have a really great little look at Terry Crews to share, though.

You might know that Terry Crews is a former NFL player or that he plays a sweet-tough cop on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But you may be surprised to learn that he’s also a badass feminist.”

Stephanie Hallet over at Ms. Magazine wrote a fantastic overview on an interview he gave to DAME magazine. She’s included some excellent links to other stories about his evolution as a feminist and how he came around to understanding the importance, and the need. I highly recommend spending some time clicking around over there and reading all of it.


Moving on to the more lifestyle-y stuff I’ve read this week is an article that spoke to my very soul.

F**k everything, I’m staying on the couch today: I fled the corporate world to do nothing

And then I think: Wow, these people are my people. No wonder I didn’t last in a demanding executive position. I can get things done, but my productivity has limits, and when I go beyond them, I start to shut down.

My life took a much different path from Sara Campbell’s, and I learned my limits very early on. But I get this, it’s just so very much me. Especially now that I’m adjusting to having a job again that isn’t related to my kids. It’s a learning curve and I’m still finding my feet. Fortunately, I love The Other Half and our crew here so deeply that it’s not taking from me more than I can give.

Today’s segue into nerd-land (also my people) is brought to us by Voldemort. No really, watch it. It’s not like most geeky parodies, it’s really really good.

Sorry, not sorry. That’s gonna be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. :D


She Makes Comics: A New Documentary Explores the History of Women in Comics

Bitch Magazine brings us an interviews with Marisa Stotter, director of She Makes Comics. Whether you’re a comics fan or not it is absolutely worth a read for the in depth look at the history of women in the comics industry, as content producers and fans. Go! Read it!


Do you have a knitter in your life? I want you to go read this perfect infographic on how to deal with being given knitted gifts, and as a knitter I 100% endorse everything in it, right down to “losing” the horrors. If I ever make anything that awful I hope to god the person I give it to has the good sense to spill coffee on it.


Who’s shocked to find out that TME is an unapologetic feminist? I know, no one. :)

 One of the things I try very hard to do is make sure that my understanding of feminism encompasses all women, not just those who inhabit the same demographics I do. Black women, trans women, hispanic women – all women from all demographics – have different needs in our press for equality in today’s society. It’s really important that we hang on to each other and make sure we all get to the finish line together.

 So I really love this Mary Sue piece on Gloria Steinem and black women inventing the feminist movement.

 Let it not be said that feminist icon Gloria Steinem is complicit in “white feminism.” No one’s feminism is perfect, of course, but Steinem said something pretty crucial at Black Enterprise’s Women Of Power Summit about the importance of black women to the feminist movement:

 Run. Bookmark it, and read it often.


While we’re talking about everyone’s feminism being different, how there’s no one way to do it right, and we don’t always get it right – I really adore this piece on how sometimes we shame each other and ourselves because were still fighting through the conditioning we’ve grown up with in the society we have.

My gut reaction was to respond quickly (and truthfully), “This is the first time we’ve ever put a bow on her.”

I was about to hit send on this disclaimer text when I had an epiphany: I was feeling embarrassed because I put my daughter in something feminine, because feminine means frivolous and silly. This is NOT OK.

Society teaches us boy stuff is awesome and girl stuff sucks, even for girls.

This is as important a read for me as a mother of boys as it is for parents of girls.


In more local news: Colorado reduced its teen pregnancy rate by 40% by providing free IUDs to teenagers.

Just. Damn, I’m proud of this place I call home.


On the flip side of the sex-positive movement, is this FANTASTIC article at Wired that draws attention to not just accept having sex as a good thing, but not having sex, too.

Young, Attractive, and Totally Not Into Having Sex

It’s a truly in-depth and respectful (and funny) look into the lives of people who are asexual, demisexual, aromatic and any other label they feel comfortable applying to themselves. I have a large number of friends who identify themselves in these categories, and I really appreciated this incredible effort to understand, explain, and embrace ideas around human sexuality that are only recently standing loud and proud and being who they are without apology. I learned a lot, and I feel like I can be even more supportive and understanding and advocating for these people I love, now.


That’s it for this week. I welcome any conversation you feel like having in the comments, and I hope your Friday is full of love and joy –  or at least no one coming around to rain on your parade. <3

And as always: Be yourself as loudly as possible, and remember only you control the volume knob. <3 #TME



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Sasha is co-owner and Managing Editor of The Other Half. A runner and an avid hockey fan, after spending years in graphic design and accounting she turned her sights to her first true love and has spent the last year honing her editing skills on tech articles and short fiction. Sports writing is a whole new ballgame.

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