Cup Check! April 19, 2015

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Cup Check! April 19, 2015

#TME had things unrelated to hockey to do today, folks, so welcome to The Other Half’s crowdsourced playoff-recap for April 19th, 2015 – Late Edition! Amber French, Shelia Lane, and Janice Rochford are catching us up tonight, and oh, what a catch up it is!

At the end of the night the basics looked like this:

Montreal took Ottawa (again), Washington took the NY Islanders (in OT), Chicago took Nashville (without OT, let’s continue that trend, thank you), And Calgary took Vancouver (without parenthetical commentary).

The Habs can take it in four on Wednesday night (Sorry, EK), and then catch a breather while the others finish duking it out.

How about them details:

Ottawa Senators vs Montreal Canadiens

-(OTT) MacArthur 11:28 in the 1st period
-(MTL) Weise at 14:13 in the 3rd
-(MTL) Weise (clutch) 8:47 in the 1st OT

Goalies: God of Goalies Price stopped 33 out of 34 (He had to save a child from a burning building and missed one.)

Anderson stopped 47 of 49 (Was later seen leading the crowd in a chant of “De-fence, Clap clap clap, De-fence,” because seriously, Ottawa?).


Erik “The ThunderTruck” Karlsson

And the tweet that we can all identify with.

Best: Dale. Weise.

Worst: 49 shots on a cold goaltender. With less than 10 minutes OT. What.


Washington Capitals vs New York Islanders

-(NYI) Okposo at 12:37 in 2nd.
-(WSH) Backstrom at 13:54 in 3rd.

-(NYI) Tavares :15 into 1st OT.

Goalies: Holtby saved 40 of 42, and Halak saved 24 of 25.


-Visnovsky went down on a hard hit, left to get checked out, came back, took another big hit, and then assisted on the Okposo goal.

Best: This happened after Visnovsky got hit. Yay, concussion protocol at least being acknowledged?

-Beagle, don’t steal the goalie’s helmet. Seriously, I mean it.

-Fehr got banged up by a clean Okposo hit. He ended up going to the locker room to get it checked out and didn’t come back.

-NBC is kinda bad at updating sometimes. Also, Brooks Orpik and Brooks Laich are two different people.

Isles win 2-1, and the series is now 2-1 in their favor.

Game 4 is in New York on April 21 at 7:30 PM ET.


Nashville Predators vs. Chicago Blackhawks


(CHI) – Desjardins at 15:48 in the 1st period
(NSH) – Ribiero at 15:19 in the 1st
(CHI) – Toews at 00:36 in the 2nd
(NSH) – Ekholm at 00:58 in the 2nd
(CHI) – Saad at 3:38 in the 2nd
(CHI) – Seabrook at 12:41 in the 2nd

Goalies: Rinne stopped 26 of 30, Darling stopped 28 of 30.


Shea Weber and Mike Fisher were both out due to injury.

Goalie carousel O RLY

The Predators did a great job defending their empty net in the last 2 minutes.

Best: Marion Hossa was first star of the game with two assists and a team-leading six shots on goal. Also, did you see him jump over a dude’s stick because it was between him and a play?

Pekka Rinne’s stop on Richards. How. H. O. W.

Worst: That mess at the end of the first period where the game clocks and the penalty box clock didn’t match. Guys, can we pretend this is a nationally televised professional sports event, please?

Blackhawks 4, Predators 2, giving the Hawks a 2-1 series lead. The series continues on Tuesday at 9:30 ET in Chicago.


Calgary Flames v Vancouver Canucks

This recap sponsored* by the DQ blizzard spoons fight commercial.

-(CGY) Bollig!!!! at 6:35 in 1st

-(VAN) Matthias at 9:09 in 1st.
-(CGY) Brodie at 15:02 in 1st.
-(CGY) Bennett at 2:14 in 3rd.

-(CGY) Monahan at 14:36 in 3rd.
-(VAN) Hansen at 17:41 in 3rd.

Goalies: Lack saved 24 of 28, and Hiller saved 23 of 25.


-Penalty box camera angles, what even?

-BRANDON BOLLIG SCORED A GOAL. This is not a drill, a dream, or a substance-fuelled hallucination. I give all credit to his beard, as does Chicago Blackhawks writer Mark Lazerus.

Seriously, this beard.

-David Schlemko’s beard got an assist on Brodie’s goal. Calgary has nice beards. If you appreciate hockey players with nice beards, you should probably look at his and Bollig’s.

I’m sorry, what was I talking about? Beards? No, hockey. Right.


Best: [Disclaimer: None of these things are good if you’re a Vancouver fan. I’m sorry. I like your team too, and the best part of it last night was Eddie Lack.]

-Brandon. Bollig. Scored. A goal. Twitter (at least my timeline) was baffled and delighted.

-SAM BENNETT. First NHL goal, first NHL playoff goal, and the game-winning goal, all-in-one. Overachiever.

-Sean Monahan’s first NHL playoff goal.


-Vancouver, why??? This game was just a hot mess for the Canucks. Eddie Lack showed up, but I’m not sure much of the rest of the team did. Sbisa directly screened him on at least one of the Calgary goals.

-Fewer penalty minutes this time, so I guess that’s a small mercy? Still, the two teams combined for 69 PIMs, and almost all of it was in the 3rd again. There was more fighting! (Hockey Night in Canada? More like Fight Night in Canada!) Burrows ended up with a game misconduct at 18:35 in the 3rd, (and an instigator), but his will probably be rescinded just like Engelland’s was after Game 2. Playoff hockey y’all, right? Sigh.

Calgary won 4-2 and the series is now 2-1 in their favor.

These two fight meet again on April 21 at 10:00 PM ET.

*not actually sponsored, but hey DQ if you wanna hook a gal up with some Blizzards or Orange Julius let’s talk?


Once the points were tallied and the soundbytes given The Other Half took a vote and we agree:

What impressed us: Scott Darling. Sam Bennett. Brandon Bollig’s beard.
What distressed us: NBC Commentary. But what else is new, right? In this case, specifically, the immediate response to the Isles trainer waving Visnovsky into the dressing room after the hit by Brouwer that had his head bouncing off the ice, was unreal. As he was leaving, one of the commentators – and I’m pretty sure who but I’m not gonna risk being wrong and excoriate the wrong guy – said that being sent to the dressing room by the trainer may or may not be connected to the fact that in his career he has had SIX!!! concussions.


Concussions: not a thing you screw around with. Why is this so hard to understand?


At the time of posting (late! Sorry!) the Pens have already lost the game and the Rangers are up 2-1 in the series. The Habs stand as the only team in the league who can take the first round in four, with the Jets 4-3 over the Ducks in the third period. If the Ducks pull back ahead tonight they’ll have their own chance to end it in four on Wednesday night, just a couple hours behind the Habs. Everybody else is headed to at least five.

Details tomorrow!

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