Cup Check! April 20, 2015

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Cup Check! April 20, 2015

We need an Ed McMahon to say “Heeeeeeeeeeere’s Cup Check!” for us, guys. Because I’m not sure how many more ways I can say “Welcome to the Cup Check for April 20, 2015,” before we all fall asleep. Allyson Z., Janice Rochford, and Beth Machlan are here with me tonight – me being #TME – and last night…there were some goals. And some guys won some games. And there was a shutout. This is the least interesting night of the playoffs so far, I think.

At the end of the night the basics looked like this:

Anaheim took Winnipeg and look to wrap it up in four on Wednesday, Minnesota took St. Louis in the first shutout of the postseason, New York took Pittsburgh and we’re not talking about it, and … uh. The…guys from, um. The fourth…game? Oh. There was no fourth game last night.

And thus began the decline of #TME’s groove.

How about them details:

Anaheim Ducks vs Winnipeg Jets – Game 3

-(WPG) Stempiak 09:38 in the 1st period
-(ANA) Fowler 09:38 in the 1st period
-(ANA) Perry 03:08 in the 2nd period
-(WPG) Myers 06:40 in the 2nd period
-(WPG) Wheeler 09:37 in the 2nd period
-(ANA) Silfverberg 16:04 in the 2nd period
-(WPG) Little 18:18 in the 2nd period
-(ANA) Silfverberg 16:04 in the 3rd period
-(ANA) Rakell 05:12 in the 1st OT

Goalies: Andersen stopped 31 out of 35, Pavelec stopped 26 out of 31.

– It was the first playoff game in Winnipeg since 1996 and the 15,000 fans turned the arena white –

Well done Winterpeg!

Period two. You get a goal, you get a goal, you get a goal – Everybody gets a goal!
We’d celebrate like this too.

Winnipeg fans chanting Katy Perry as an “insult” to Corey Perry.

So that cancels out the well done from earlier – BE BETTER FANS.

Just. Seriously. It is 2015. Be better.


Ducks win 5-4, and this series could be over Wednesday, 9:30 PM ET, in Winnipeg.


Minnesota Wild vs St. Louis Blues – Game 3

– (MIN) Pominville 14:08 in the 2nd period
– (MIN) Parise 16:13 in the 2nd period
– (MIN) Niederreiter 17:58 in the 3rd period

Goalies: Allen (STL) saved 21 out of 23, Dubnyk with the shutout (WPG) saved 17 out of 17

-All Wild from start to finish. They really made use of the home ice advantage, it was loud in Xcel.

-Lot of physicality, a lot of stuff after the whistles and behind the play.

-Notable mention for Allen, who withstood an absolute onslaught by the Wild

Devan Dubnyk. After charging into the spotlight in the regular season giving his team to confidence and skill between the pipes to take a playoff spot, Dubnyk is the first goalie with a shutout in the 2015 playoffs.

Steve Ott taking a run at Marco Scandella with a few minutes left. If Scandella had fought him, Ott could have been looking at an instigator suspension. No need for that kind of thing.


It was all Wild – 3-0 and they hold the series at 2-1.

We’ll see them again on Wednesday at 9:30 PM ET in Minnesota.


Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Rangers – Game 3

The Penguins finished off the job on RUINING #TME’s GROOVE and she’s refusing to summarize the game on principle.

Thank you, Christy, for indulging my pain.

Thank you, Christy, for indulging my pain.


The Rangers fan apparently took some notes, though.

-(NYR) Hagelin at 8:43 in the 1st period
-(NYR) Kreider at 11:07 in the 2nd
-(PIT) Hornquist at 13:12 in the 3rd

Goalies: Lundqvist stopped 23 of 24; Fleury stopped 24 of 26.



Worst: Both fanbases are convinced that the other team is trying to kill, or at least injure, their marquee player. Both fanbases may be right.


Blah blah, Rangers win, hold series at 2-1.

You can watch the Penguins try to win back #TME’s heart on Wednesday, at 7:00 PM ET in Pittsburgh.


Once the points were tallied and the soundbytes given The Other Half took a vote and we and agree:

What impressed us: Devan Dubnyk. Shutouts are always impressive, but playoff shutouts are best.
What distressed us: Winnipeg fans. We were all so happy for you. And then you ruined it by being gross.

This seems way too short to be done already, but fairly tame games combined with the league APPARENTLY MOVING ONE AWAY WITHOUT NOTICE means that’s it for us tonight, folks.

It’s late around here (again) so for now we’ve got this – Detroit shutout Tampa a little bit ago, and Washington tied up their series at 2-2 with their win. Calgary is 3-1 in the second, and Nashville is holding the lead opening the third.

We’ll be back with the details tomorrow, and I might even get it up before dark!

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