Cup Check! April 21, 2015

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Cup Check! April 21, 2015

I’ll make this short, I know why you’re here and it’s not #TME’s attempts at being witty. Cup Check April 21, 2015 was crowdsourced by Beth Machlan, Janice Rochford, and Alexandra Corhan. Let’s skip the small-talk and get right to the results and our loooooongest recap ever, thanks to the longest game ever. (It wasn’t, but it probably felt like it on the east coast.)

At the end of the night the basics looked like this:

Washington had the OT win over New York to tie up the series 2-2, Detroit shutout Tampa Bay taking the 2-1 lead in the series, Calgary takes the series 3-1 over Vancouver, and Chicago kept Nashville on the ice until 1:30 AM CT in the least-loved tradition ever of 3OT, but continues to hold the series at 3-1 because of it.

How about them details:

New York Islanders vs Washington Capitals – Game 4

-(WSH) Ovechkin at 13:05 in the 1st period
-(NYI) Cizikas at 19:47 into the 1st
-(WSH) Backstrom at 11:09 into OT

Goalies: Halak stopped 28 of 30, Holtby stopped 36 of 37.


– Visnovsky did not return for the 3rd period. It was unfortunate for Islanders, but probably best for his health after the half-dozen concussions he’s suffered during his career.

– Tom Wilson was awfully fight-y tonight. Two big penalties, but the Isles couldn’t capitalize.

– Great Halak save:

– The scoring came early in this game, which made for two subsequent periods of metaphorical nail-biting. As the game went into OT, MSG commentator Howie Rose noted, “The puck’s the only thing relaxed in this building.”

Happy OT goal hugs!



These guys are going to six. You can catch them next Thursday, April 23rd, at 7:30pm ET in Washington.


Tampa Bay Lightning vs Detroit Red Wings – Game 3

– (DET) Datsyuk at 8:46 into the first period
– (DET) PPG – Sheahan at 6:42 into the third period
– (DET) EN – Glendening at 19:11 into the third period

Goalies: Bishop stopped 18 out of 20; Mrazek stopped 22 out of 22


– The second shutout of the playoffs at the hand of Red Wings’ Mrazek

– Stupidest goalie trip ever?

Best: Mike Babcock. In what could be his last season as coach of the Red Wings, Babcock has his team leading the Lightning 2-1, despite entering the series with questions at goalie position.

Worst: Tampa Bay failing to score.


Detroit – 3; Tampa Bay – 0. Detroit has a 2-1 lead.

The series continues on Thursday, April 23, at 7:00pm EST.


Calgary Flames vs Vancouver Canucks – Game 4

– (CGY) PPG – Gaudreau at 3:23 into the first period
– (VAN) PPG – H. Sedin at 8:12 into the first period
– (CGY) PPG – Hudler at 9:20 into the first period
– (CGY) Bennett at 19:18 into the first period

Goalies: Lack stopped 4 out of 7, Miller stopped 15 of 15; Hiller stopped 28 out of 29.


– A game literally decided in the first period. That is notable.

– Rookie Jonny Gaudreau scores his first playoffs goal.

– From Molly Burke, daughter of Brian and a delightful Twitter follow:

Best: Sam Bennett scores his first goal! And it’s a playoff goal! And the game winner!

Worst: Everyone’s favorite Puppy in Disguise – Eddie Lack – was pulled after the first period, in favor of Ryan Miller.


Calgary – 3; Vancouver – 1. Calgary has a 3-1 lead, and a chance to advance to the playoffs for the first time in 11 years.

They can take it in five on Thursday, April 23, at 10:00pm EST.


Chicago Blackhawks Vs Nashville Predators – Game 4

This is not the first time the Blackhawks have done this to their fans. It’s not even the second.

Playoff hockey is a beast like none other, and by the end of the night (the next morning) The Other Half staff were huddled together in our chat room, begging for someone to score, our note taking reduced to blearily copy + pasting Twitter links from people who’d had more coffee than us.

It turned out to be an excellent way to summarize the game, to be honest. Hockey media and fans alike get pretty funny when you’re watching a game together that started yesterday and still hasn’t ended today.

If you missed the game, don’t worry (actually, maybe be a little relieved), we’ve got the best of the reactions, gifs, and long-suffering commentary here, just for you. You can watch the rapidly devolving composure of everyone from @NHLBlackhawks to @OtherHalfSports writers without having to suffer the effects of sleep deprivation yourself. You’re welcome.

– (NSH) Wilson at 11:38 in the 1st period
– (CHI) Vermette at 13:05 in the 1st period
– (NSH) Neal at 08:41 in the 2nd period
– (CHI) Saad at 11:03 in the 3rd period

Goalies: CHI Darling stopped 50 out of 52, NSH Rinne stopped 45 out of 48.

Things got started the way they always get started:

And we’re off! Let’s watch some hockey!

Hossa’s gonna Hossa:

And the Captain’s gonna Captain:

And the glass is gonna…wait. Glass is not supposed to do that.

First goal of the game!

Second goal of the game!

There was a lot of hockeying going on in that first period, guys.

And then, tragedy strikes in the pressbox!

That was close.

Third goal! Nealer must have felt bad about that 4-on-4.

At this point the game was still proceeding just as we all expect it to. First period, Second period, and now…Third period! No one is having harrowing flashbacks yet…


Laz. LAZ. RLY?

But the game stays tied as the end of regulation approaches. And the creeping fear of OT begins to work its way into our minds.

Try they may have, but in the end…

That’s okay. It’s sudden death. This won’t take too long…said no experienced Blackhawks fan ever.

We’ve been here before. We may not know how this ends, but we know how (long) it goes. And oh, oh how it shows.


But distractions only do so much for so long.

The game is back on, and on and on and…

But it’s okay. We’re still holding it together.


It’s okay. We can do this.

Yeah, we feel you.

And that, folks, is where all semblance of normal hockey reporting starts to fall hilariously apart.

We’re all exhausted. We want sleep. Sleep will never come. This game is going to be eternal.

Just as long as it ends, I don’t think we care.

Srsly. Saader, what were you thinking?

Let’s not and say we did?




Oh my god, you guys. It’s over.




Triple. Overtime.


The Blackhawks are going to try and take it in five on Thursday the 23rd in Nashville, at 9:30pm ET.


Once the points were tallied and the soundbytes given The Other Half took a vote and we agree:

What impressed us: Seabrook.
What distressed us: TRIPLE. OVERTIME.

There’s not a lot left to say after that, let’s be honest.

We’ll be back tomorrow with the details of Ottawa forcing game five with a shutout, and whether or not #TME is still speaking to the Penguins after overtime (spoiler alert: she’s not.)

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