Cup Check! April 26, 2015

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Cup Check! April 26, 2015

Welcome back to The Other Half’s crowdsourced playoff-recap for April 26th, 2015, compiled as (almost) always by your faithful #TME. As you can no doubt tell, these things are put together from a template, so that we achieve a modicum of consistent formatting. This section of the template says: [HUMOUROUS PARAGRAPH INTRODUCTION INCLUDING NAMES OF PPL WHO CONTRIBUTED.]

Those people are Christy Kondo, Sarah D. Sheila Lane, Allyson Z. Eliza Eaton-Stern, and Amber French. And I’m totally not even going to bother trying to be funny here today, because with the Wild facing the Blackhawks in the next round? And a staff split on who they’re cheering for in that matchup? The next round of Cup Checks are going to be plenty entertaining, I promise. But for now? Let’s focus on the impending end of the first round.

At the end of the night the basics looked like this:

TJ Oshie took the lone goal for the the Blues and heads home to his painfully, perfectly adorable child after losing to the Wild and ending the series in game six. And Montreal shutout Ottawa in one of the most painful, stressful series ending games I have ever seen. They couldn’t keep the cameras off the crowd in Ottawa, who all looked vaguely ill and on the verge of passing out from lack of oxygen because everyone was afraid to breathe.

How about them details:

Minnesota Wild vs. St. Louis Blues – Game 6

-(MIN) Parise at 7:14 in the 1st – Short Handed Goal
-(MIN) Fontaine at 11:19 in the 2nd
-(STL) Oshie at 19:56 in the 2nd
-(MIN) Parise at 1:01 in the 3rd
-(MIN) Niederreiter at 18:08 in the 3rd – Empty Netter

Goalies: For the Blues, Allen stopped 11 of 13, and was replaced by Elliott after the Fontaine goal at 11:19 in the 2nd. Elliott then stopped 6 of 7. In total, the Blues’ goaltenders stopped 17 of 20 shots faced. Dubnyk, meanwhile, stopped 30 of 31 shots he faced.


Duby doing Duby things

Oshie finally scores one with 1 second left in the period

And just like that, Zach Parise was on hatty watch

Friendship goes beyond defeat

Were we speaking of beards? No? Shall we, then?

Best: Charlie Coyle’s big hit against Vladimir Tarasenko in the 3rd

Worst: Ken “I’m 100% Confident In Jake Allen – Haha, Psych!” Hitchcock


The series ends with 4 wins for the Minnesota Wild and 2 wins for the St. Louis Blues. The Minnesota Wild will go on to face the Chicago Blackhawks in the second round of the playoffs.


Montreal Canadiens vs Ottawa Senators – Game 6 (Amber)

-(MTL) Brenden Gallagher at 13:26 in 1st. It might be a high stick, it might not be. The refs decided it wasn’t.

-(MTL) Max Pacioretty ENG at 19:59 in 3rd.

Goalies: Carey “probably our future Vezina winner” Price stopped 43 of 43 (really it was only 42, the whistle stopped the other), and Craig Anderson stopped 18 of 19. Erik Karlsson should probably be credited for stopping at least one of Andy’s, honestly.




-Ottawa’s goal in the 2nd being called off. Literally the worst. I might have actually thrown stuff. Fuck you, early whistles.

-Don’t take out your own goalie, Markov.

-That’s all I’m going to say about this game because anything else would be highly insulting to NHL officials in tonight’s game and that’s probably a bad idea. But for next season, I’d totally be able to get behind “every goal or blown goal is reviewable” so that we cut down on shit like this game. Please? And not just for this series, but a standard of officiating that reasonably resembles the rulebook would be nice.

Montreal defeats Ottawa 2-0*, and wins the series 4-2. They’ll face the winner of Tampa vs Detroit.

*Because ottawa got robbed and i’m still mad. It should’ve been 1-1! they should’ve gone to OT! – AF


Once the points were tallied and the soundbytes given The Other Half took a vote and we agree:

What impressed us: Decisive series closeouts from Minnesota and Montreal.
What distressed us: Good lord, NHL officials, have you forgotten how to ref?

As tradition dictates, Cup Check is going up after tonight’s game are already underway. Detroit and Tampa are going to Game 7 on Wednesday, and the Caps are up 2-1 on the Isles with less than five minutes left in the third.

We’ll be back tomorrow with the details!

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