Livestreams & Loudmouths – How to follow the AIHL from halfway around the world.

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Livestreams & Loudmouths – How to follow the AIHL from halfway around the world.

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Sasky gave you AIHL 101 yesterday, and we hope you’ve used the helpful flowchart to pick a team. Now you’ve done that you need to be able to follow them. Thankfully the league is very social media savvy and they love a good livestream so you can catch live games, tweets, interviews, memes and even replays. We put all the info you need below, so let’s get started.

First up we’ve curated a few twitter lists so you can follow the players and staff from your favorite team or the entire league – check them out here and of course we’ll be sharing up to the minute info on our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Australian Ice Hockey League
Twitter: AIHL
Facebook: theAIHL
Youtube: AIHL on YouTube
Livestream: There is no league wide livestream but they do share player interviews and highlights on their YouTube Channel.
Why Follow? You follow the NHL accounts don’t you? Same reasons, less Backstreet Boys references.

Adelaide Adrenaline
Twitter: ADLAdrenaline
Facebook: AdelaideAdrenaline
Youtube: ADLAdrenaline
Livestream: Not last season but they do put together highlights for their YouTube Channel.
Why Follow? You like your hockey social media with no frills – Just the facts please Ma’am.

Canberra Brave
Www: (We believe there is a new site coming soon)
Twitter: CBRBrave
Facebook: cbrbrave
Youtube: Nah.. they’ve got Vimeo
Livestream: YES! Games from the Brave Cave are livestreamed and awesome –
Why Follow? They’ve been described as Mouthy and Antagonistic, I like to think of it as witty banter with a side of chirping. They do post raw meat on Facebook, so if you’re vegetarian you may want to give that a miss. PS they have an Instagram account too!

Melbourne Ice
Twitter: themelbourneice
Facebook: MelbourneIce
Youtube: Melbourne Ice
Livestream: YES! by ATC Productions
Why Follow? The Melbourne Ice are nice. Good player content on their YouTube page and the game tweets are tight.

Melbourne Mustangs
Twitter: mustangs_hockey
Facebook: mustangsicehockey
Youtube: MelbourneMustangs
Livestream: YES! by ATC Productions
Why Follow? The undisputed kings and queens of AIHL social media, they are punny, I really meme that. They speak the language of the people which includes making hockey players attempt to play hockey on the beach. If you want content, the Mustangs will give you content. Theye even have a snapchat (mustangs_hockey) and Instagram

Newcastle North Stars
Twitter: newnorthstars
Facebook: newcastlenorthstars
Youtube: NorthStarsOfficial
Livestream: YES! they are trialing new livestream options so we will keep you updated.
Why Follow? The North Stars have some of the best photography, their social media streams are a feast for the eyes. Of course they have Instagram.

Perth Thunder
Twitter: PerthThunder
Facebook: PerthThunder
Youtube: perththunder
Livestream: We hear there might be something in the works!
Why Follow? All the Thunder related hashtags. Perth have been putting out some great content on YouTube with Thunder TV so tune in!

Sydney Bears
Twitter: sydneybears
Facebook: sydneybears
Youtube: Sydney bears
Livestream: Not yet!
Why Follow? Eloquent bear is eloquent – Give Adrian Esposito the mic and let him go. Not often you see a player with the ease and charm in front of the camera that Esposito displays. #87 on the ice #1 in our hearts!

Sydney Icedogs
Twitter: sydneyicedogs
Facebook: sydneyicedogs
Youtube: IceDogsTV
Livestream: We’ll keep you updated.
Why Follow? You like a goalie that is gonna make the highlight reel every week? Well we’re pretty sure Matt Grogan is gonna be that guy. Plus they have a bulldog as a mascot and use cheesy western music in their teaser videos – What’s not to love?

Janice Rochford
Janice has spent most of her life involved in Sports & Marketing. A Basketball junkie in her early years she went on to study Marketing and Sports Management at university. She has been previously a member of the Basketball Australia Statistics Committee and Head of statistics for the Basketball Queensland and the Brisbane Bullets in the Australian National Basketball League. She was also involved in sponsorship and marketing for the Sydney Olympics and the formation of the Football Federation of Australia. Her passion is open wheel racing but she loves anything that goes vroom. She has a new found love of Ice Hockey thanks to the enablers on her twitter feed.

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