The Hockey Debutante – You’ve got to have goals.

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The Hockey Debutante – You’ve got to have goals.

Image © Luca Volpi

When I was looking for a photo to feature in this article I initially went searching for a puck in net photo. Then I came across Luca Volpi’s wonderful photo, all tension and raw coiled potential.

That’s what this is. This is the precipice. This is the moment when anything can happen.

I’ve spoken before about how the mind is willing but the body has a bit of catching up to do. Last night I took the first steps towards that – partly inspired by Lacy’s great article on Gym Anxiety – and set up a consultation. Now, I didn’t choose just any gym. I didn’t want generic training with no thought as to what I wanted to achieve, so I went with the gym run by the guys who hold my skating classes. They are all current and former hockey players, and their staff are sportspeople from various walks of life as well.

I sat down with Coach MK and went through what I wanted to achieve:

  1. I want to be better at Hockey.

There’s no drive for me in simply working out for the sake of being healthy or looking better. I’m chunky but I rarely, if ever, look in the mirror and don’t like what I see. So I need a goal that gives me a tangible improvement in my skills.

  1. I want to lose weight.

This may seem to contradict what I said above, I guess this isn’t so much a want, but a need. I weigh just over 100 – that’s not healthy, and that weight doesn’t fit with my long term life goals. It takes a toll on my joints, my breathing and my quality of life. I’m puffed after walking up the stairs – that’s not good enough.

Those are the big goals but they aren’t smart goals. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely – S.M.A.R.T. Goals are great way to check yourself before you wreck yourself on the goal front. So here’s some of my S.M.A.R.T. Goals

  • Attend 3 gym sessions a week
  • Attend 2-3 Ice sessions a week (Stick & Puck & regular training)
  • Keep a food diary – not counting calories, just measuring what goes into my body at this stage.
  • Lose 2 – 3kgs a month until I reach 80kg (6 months).
  • Graduate to lifting my feet off the ice when I try to do a fast take off. (12 weeks)
  • Be able to hold inside and outside edges on both legs. (12 weeks)
  • Be able to hockey stop both sides (12 weeks)
  • Be able to go down on one knee while skating and get back up – both legs (12 weeks)
  • And then there is this –
    crsoby pistol squat

I’ve been obsessed with this move since I saw it in a video tribute to Crosby’s assets. It’s a pistol squat. It’s a thing of sheer beauty. I want to be able to do it. I’ve set a timeline of twelve months.

So those goals are pretty leg heavy, obviously because I feel too slow and clumsy on the ice right now and that needs to improve.

The new term started last week and Coach MK took the session alongside Coach Canada. It was great to have some fresh blood. Plus it was a really small group so it was a great way to get some good solid one one time. Coach MK followed me up the ice at one point tapping my knee to make me get my edges right; it was invaluable. I’ve always been the type that responds well to corporal punishment as part of training and Coach MK expects nothing less than 100% every time which speaks to me on a cellular level.

It’s going to be a big three months, I hope you enjoy the ride.


Janice Rochford
Janice has spent most of her life involved in Sports & Marketing. A Basketball junkie in her early years she went on to study Marketing and Sports Management at university. She has been previously a member of the Basketball Australia Statistics Committee and Head of statistics for the Basketball Queensland and the Brisbane Bullets in the Australian National Basketball League. She was also involved in sponsorship and marketing for the Sydney Olympics and the formation of the Football Federation of Australia. Her passion is open wheel racing but she loves anything that goes vroom. She has a new found love of Ice Hockey thanks to the enablers on her twitter feed.

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