Cup Check! May 03, 2015

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Cup Check! May 03, 2015

Happy Monday, everyone! And Happy Star Wars Day to those who celebrate.

You’ll be pleased to know, I’m sure, that The Other Half has successfully migrated to a web host that swears they can keep us up the next time someone writes an article about the way women are treated in hockey. (Apparently our former host allowed 100 people on the site at a time before crashing us, and that’s…just not sustainable, yo.)

While I did battle with database errors and domain hosting transfers (and then pointed our IT specialist at the problem before I started throwing things), the amazing people here at TOH did what they do best: watched a lot of hockey, took some great notes, and wrote some funny stuff. Casey Lucas, Alexandra Corhan, Hannah Bevis, Eliza Eaton-Stern, and Sheila Lane did their best to remain impar…heh. No. I can’t even type that with a straight face. We need to get our Blackhawks-hating Wild fan in here soon.

Welcome to The Other Half’s crowdsourced Stanley Cup Playoffs recap for May 3rd, 2015!

At the end of the night the basics looked like this:

Montreal apparently forgot there was a hockey game going on, and it showed when they fell to Tampa Bay, Chicago kind of stomped all over Minnesota, and Anaheim shutout Calgary (there’s a ‘put out the Flames’ joke in there somewhere).

How about them details:

Tampa Bay Lightning vs Montreal Canadiens – Round 2, Game 2

-(MTL) Jeff Petry at 7:20 in 1st.
-(TBL) PPG Valtteri Filppula at 19:36 in 1st.
-(TBL) Steven Stamkos at 8:06 in 2nd.

-(TBL) PPG Nikita Kucherov at 12:29 in 2nd.
-(TBL) PPG Victor Hedman at 19:46 in 2nd.
-(TBL) PPG Nikita Kucherov at 6:37 in 3rd.
-(MTL) (finally, thanks guys) Tom Gilbert at 11:06 in 3rd.
-(TBL) JT Brown at 16:05 in 3rd.

Goalies: Price stopped 16 of 21, Bishop stopped 23 of 25.


casey screencap

That facepalm, tho.

Steve Dangle with an important note:

Carey price was “off” tonight:

Gallagher went oopsy-daisy:


That’s it. That’s the whole game.

In case nobody else had a screenshot of Ron MacLean making Ron MacLean faces:

After Prust threw an elbow pad into the Bolts bench, Steven Stamkos grabbed it and threw it to a lucky fan in the crowd.


“The Habs take another penalty” could basically be the headline for this game.

Oh look, Prust is fighting, because that’s super useful when you’re already down 6-2.


Tampa 6, Montreal 2, giving the Bolts a 2-0 series lead.

This series continues Wednesday, May 6 at 7 PM ET in Tampa.


Chicago Blackhawks vs Minnesota Wild – Round 2, Game 2

-(CHI) SHG – Toews at 12:28 in the 2nd
-(CHI) Kane at 19:40 in the 2nd
-(MIN) PPG – Dumba at 1:20 in the 3rd
-(CHI) Sharp at 7:39 in the 3rd
-(CHI) ENG – Kane at 2:07 in the 3rd

Goalies: Corey Crawford stopped 30 of 31, Devan Dubnyk stopped 27 of 30.


Looks like the Wild are off to a slow start.

A few not-so-great calls:

But after the first period, we were still scoreless in Chicago.

More missed calls going the Hawks’ way in the second:

Finally, Toews scores a shorty off of a beautiful Marian Hossa play:

Corey Crawford made a few truly prodigious saves to keep the Wild off the board:

(Lots of “Corey, Corey” chants in the UC last night.)

Just before the end of the 2nd, Patrick Kane scored a pretty typically Patrick Kane goal:

And then he celebrated so hard his helmet came off:

In the 3rd, Matt Dumba scored on the power play:

It was not Crawford’s best effort.

Later in the period, Patrick Sharp restored the 2 goal lead with a gorgeous snipe off a feed from Teuvo Teravainen:

A couple of Chicago players got hit in the head with pucks. Some took it better than others:

Then Kaner put away an empty netter with some fancy stickhandling and it was all over but the shouting:

After no goals were scored for an eternity, the fans got restless and decided to create their own entertainment:

It was a fantastic three-person lip synch and the ref maaaaay have delayed a puck drop to let them finish. Sheila (Ed. note: who was ONCE AGAIN at the game) wanted them nominated for one of the stars of the game. It really got the fans back into it!



Chicago 4, Minnesota 1, giving the Blackhawks a 2-0 series lead

This series continues Tuesday, May 5 at 8:00 EST in Minneapolis.


Calgary Flames vs Anaheim Ducks – Round 2, Game 2

-(ANA) Matt Beleskey at 7:27 in 1st.
-(ANA) Hampus Lindholm at 11:15 in 3rd.
-(ANA) ENG Nate Thompson at 17:44 in 3rd.

Goalies: Ramo stopped 31 of 33, and Andersen stopped 30 of 30 to pick up his first postseason shutout.


Mighty Ducks jerseys are definitely my personal favourite of Ducks jerseys.

Is Wolf a yappy puppy? You decide.


He came back shortly after, though. What’s concussion protocol, again?

(Okay, these things are probably not bad if you’re actually a fan of the Ducks, which I am not. Ed. note: I don’t think we have a Ducks fan at TOH, to be honest…)


Ducks 3 – Flames 0, giving Anaheim a 2-0 series lead

This series continues Tuesday, May 5 at 9:30 PM ET in Calgary.


Once the points were tallied and the soundbytes given The Other Half took a vote and we agree:

What impressed us: Lipsyncing fans FTW! Okay, also Kaner with his 101 points in 101 games. Whatever. No big.
What distressed us: Look, it’s one thing to throw out any reasonable enforcement of penalties in the playoffs, CONCUSSION PROTOCOL SHOULD NOT BE INCLUDED. COME ON.

The Rangers play the Caps again tonight, and again all by their lonesome. We’ll be back tomorrow with the details on whatever disgustingly impressive performance Ovi decides to grace us with.

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