Cup Check! May 1 & 2, 2015

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Cup Check! May 1 & 2, 2015

Hi all my buddies! It’s Sheila Lane.

Why, yes. Sheila *was* at that game, as a matter of fact.

Why, yes. Sheila *was* at that game, as a matter of fact.

I am here to bring you The Other Half’s crowdsourced playoff-recap for May 1st AND 2nd, 2015. Hannah Bevis and Beth Boyle Machlan helped me put this together for you, and…you know how #TME sometimes tells you the contributors are partisan and the recap should be taken with a grain of salt? She means me. (Ed. note: And Beth. I also mean BETH and her Penguin-crushing Rangers.) But we tried to do right by you, Minnesota! We think you’re great, and…did you do something special with your…lakes today? They look super?

At the end of two nights the basics looked like this: the Chicago Blackhawks took the Minnesota Wild, the Montreal Canadiens fell to the Tampa Bay Lightning, and The New York Rangers took the Washington Capitals

How about them details:

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Minnesota Wild – Round 2, Game 1

(CHI) Brandon Saad @ 1:15 of first
(CHI) Patrick Kane @ 13:11 of first
(CHI) Marcus Kruger @ 15:15 of first
(MIN) Jason Zucker @ 1:21 of second
(MIN) Zach Parise @ 5:27 of second
(MIN) *growls* Mikael Granlund @ 9:30 of second
(CHI) Teuvo Teravainen (!!!) @ 19:02 of second

Goalies: Corey Crawford (CHI) stopped 32 of 35, Devan Dubnyk (MIN) stopped 29 of 33.


Saader scores 75 seconds in!


Patrick Kane’s 100th playoff game, so that’s exciting, and of course he scores.


Parise delivers beautifully on the power play.

Justin Fontaine (MIN) left in the second period with a lower-body injury and will not be back for at least one game.



Minnesota sez:

hope is a dangerous thing

Chicago sez:

imma be ok

Blackhawks 4, Wild 3, giving the Hawks a 1-0 series lead

This series continues Sunday 5/3 at 7:30 Central Time in Chicago.


Tampa Bay Lightning vs Montreal Canadiens – Round 2, Game 1


(TBL) Tyler Johnson @ 2:34 of third
(MTL) Max Pacioretty @ 14:47 of third
(TBL) Nikita Kucherov @ 15:15 of SECOND OVERTIME, Y’ALL

Goalies: Bishop (TBL) stopped 33 of 35, Carey Price (MTL) stopped 42 of 44 (kiiind of?).


Let’s get some stats up in this place.

The Canadians are BRINGING IT.

Period 1: Bishop is a wall. Price is a brick wall.

Period 2: Bishop is a steel vault. Price is the Hoover Dam.


And then.

And. Then.

Best: Worst: GOALS. That’s what we’re all here for, right?

Solve one problem…have it all over again when the refs aren’t looking.

I give up

Nikita Kucherov scores two OT winners in Game 1 – and neither should’ve counted (@THNMattLarkin)

And then everyone went home and cried themselves to sleep, even the Bolts, probably, because we all needed a nap at that point.

In conclusion…”[The Habs] fall to 0-6 against the Lightning this season and have scored a grand total of nine goals in roughly 20 periods. Price had a .943 SP Friday and lost. If Game 1 doesn’t highlight how badly he needs offensive support, nothing does.” – Matt Larkin in the above article

Lightning 2, Canadiens 1, giving the Bolts a 1-0 series lead.

This series continues Sunday 5/3 at 6PM Eastern in Montreal.


New York Rangers vs. Washington Capitals – Round 2, Game 2


-(NYR) Chris Kreider at 00.38 in the 1st period
-(NYR) PPG – Dan Boyle at 15:40 in the 1st
-(WSH) Evgeny Kuznetsov at 13:59 in the 2nd
-(NYR) Derick Brassard at 6:07 in the 3rd
-(WSH) Alexander Ovechkin at 10:29 in the 3rd

Goalies: Lundqvist stopped 30 of 32; Holtby stopped 32 of 35.

Braden Holtby seems unable to keep his mask on his head, and he seems to have that problem almost exclusively when under fire in his own end. In his last three games, including the series winner against the Islanders, Holby has stopped play in his own zone five times. He’s not the first goalie to buy a few deep breaths for his team this way, but it’s getting a little, well … just stop.

The Rangers clearly decided that the way to approach The Ovi Problem was to Release the Kreider. Not only did Kreider lay him out in lavender, as my Nana would say, he also did this, which is pretty illegal but also kind of priceless.


Nothing scarier than a wide-open Ovi:

Except maybe a diving-for-the-puck Ovi. Sigh.

Yes, this is my passive-aggressive way of acknowledging that Alexander Ovechkin is probably the best player in the NHL right now, which makes the “Ovi sucks” cheer embarrassing not only for its unoriginality, but for pure objective inaccuracy. He’s fantastic and he’s great fun to watch, and real hockey fans know it.

Rangers folks, it’s time to call up Tilda Swinton, because We Need to Talk About Martin. Mats Zuccarello’s absence due to injury makes St. Louis’ absence due to … well, absence all the more glaring. He’s a damper on an already-struggling power play, he no longer belongs on a first line, and, as brilliant a career as he’s had, he may no longer be playing at a level that benefits the team.

Meanwhile, Grandpa Dan Boyle barely escaped being pushed out to sea on an ice floe for breaking through the Caps’ penalty kill for the first time in this playoff season:


Rangers 3, Capitals 2, tying the series

This series continues Monday in Washington, DC.


Once the points were tallied and the soundbytes given, The Other Half staff still awake *cough* took a vote and we agree:

What impressed us: The Lightning’s new motto: “If you don’t succeed, score, score again.”
What distressed us: The results when you do an image search for “disappointed Jonathan Toews.”

not what you expected

Did I search for that? I DID NOT SIR. That’s why this Cup Check has a cat meme and I’m cancelling my internet tomorrow.

Sunday: Bolts-Habs, Wild-Hawks, Flames-Ducks
Monday: Rangers-Capt
Tuesday: Hawks-Wild, Ducks-Flames
Wednesday: Habs-Bolts, Rangers-Caps
Thursday: Habs-Bolts, Hawks-Wild
Friday: Caps-Rangers, Ducks-Flames


Sheila Lane
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