Cup Check! May 12, 2015

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Cup Check! May 12, 2015

Welcome to Cup Check! for May 12.  It’s your friendly Australian editor here with tonight’s re-cap.  Are you refreshed and relaxed after your day-off from playoffs hockey? We are!  Tampa Bay brought the lightning to Montréal – lightning speed that is and dominated the Habs squad. Thanks to Christy Kondo for our wonderful doodle and to Eliza Eaton-Stern & Alexandra Corhan for bringing their pizazz to tonight’s game.

Montréal Canadiens vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

(TBL) Nikita Kucherov at 15:35 in the 1st
(TBL) Steven Stamkos at 05:12 in the 2nd
(TBL) Ondrej Palat at 18:56 in the 2nd

(MTL) Max Pacioretty at 15:03 in the 3rd
(TBL) Nikita Kucherov at 17:59 in the 3rd

Goalies: Carey Price stopped 24 of 27, Ben Bishop stopped 18 of 19.

Notables: Hockey wasn’t on last night. We missed you, hockey! So did the astronaut:

First goal about 4 minutes before the end of the period, off a terrible Habs turnover:

Ben. Bishop.

PK Subban and Steven Stamkos – Hockey Friends are Forever Friends

A+ with the reference young Boychuck

And, in summation:

Hedman with his 71% possession rate, Kucherov with his 2 goals and an assist.
Really it’s Tampa who were best, they made it almost look easy at times tonight.

Sad Carey Price – even though the TV directors decided not to show it we know what was going on behind that mask.

sad cat

Tampa Bay won the game 4-1 and take the series 4 games to 2 and head to the Eastern Conference final against the winner of the Capitals vs Rangers Series.
(Ovi tells us all it’s gonna be the Caps but lets not break out the permanent marker just yet. Plus if the Caps win the Beth will make the sad face and we can’t handle Sad Cat two days in a row.)

Congrats Tampa – we’re happy you are happy

PS. Good luck looking for a new coach Montréal!

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