Cup Check! May 25, 2015

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Cup Check! May 25, 2015

Welcome to The Other Half’s crowdsourced playoff-recap for May 25, 2015. Sheila Lane, Amber French, and Allyson Z. did all the hard work compiling the notes, and #TME is dropping in briefly to say haaaaaaaaay guys! I’ve missed you all terribly, and also I’ve missed hockey, so last night I decided enough was enough and I put on the game!

The Ducks promptly scored three goals, so I changed the channel to Top Gun to watch twenty-something Val Kilmer play shirtless volleyball on the beach instead, and crossed my fingers I’d stopped the jinx I’d obviously put on the whole thing.

At the end of the night I might as well have just kept watching, the Ducks won it in OT (just the one, thank god) despite Captain Clutch’s valiant effort in getting them even that far.

How about them details:


(ANA) Cam Fowler at 5:10 in the 1st period
(ANA) Ryan Kesler at 5:42 in the 1st period
(ANA) Sami Vatanen at 14:37 in the 1st period
(CHI) Teuvo Teravainen at 1:11 in the 2nd period
(CHI) Brent Seabrook at 19:35 in the 2nd period
(ANA) Patrick Maroon at 14:45 in the 3rd period
(CHI) Jonathan Toews at 18:10 in the 3rd period
(CHI) Jonathan Toews at 19:22 in the 3rd period
(ANA) Matt Beleskey at 0:42 in overtime

Goalies: Crawford (CHI) stopped 23 of 28, Andersen (ANA) stopped 24 of 28.


Game starts. Anaheim scores. And scores. And scores. Chicago is not scoring, perhaps in part because they don’t have a shot on goal for sixteen minutes?

Although really:

Second period, oddly, belongs to the Hawks – unless you want to talk about that too many buns on the ice penalty.

too many buns

Third period!

Tazer, probably:

Overtime! Or as Chicago calls it, OverKeith.

Or as Anaheim calls it, 45 seconds of WINNING.



Seriously, Blackhawks, keep your buns on the ice down to the appropriate amount.

you can't do that


Ducks 5, Blackhawks 4, giving the Ducks a 3-2 series lead. This is the first time in the Toews era that the Hawks have gone into a Game 5 tied 2-2 and lost.

This series continues Wednesday May 27 at 8:00 Eastern in Chicago.


Once the points were tallied and the soundbytes given The Other Half took a vote and we agree:

What impressed us: Those Ducks, tho. Painful as it was for the Hawks fans among us, the Ducks came out swinging and it paid off.
What distressed us: Those Hawks, tho. Joyful as it was for the Ducks fans among us, the Hawks are damn lucky their captain found his groove there at the end and gave them even a fighting chance.


If this Cup final comes down to Ducks and Bolts I’m gonna be SO BORED YOU GUYS. But at least our beloved Allyson will be happy, and we like it when our pals here at The Other Half are happy.

Check back for tomorrow’s Cup Check to check in on Rangers homer Beth and whether or not her heart survived the night. (That was terrible, it wasn’t even clever alliteration. I’m sorry. I’m not taking it out, but I do apologize.) That series is going to Seven, but even a win can send us most devoted fans into a spiral of despair, and we haven’t heard from her since puck drop.

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