Cup Check! May 27, 2015

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Cup Check! May 27, 2015

Welcome to The Other Half’s crowdsourced playoff-recap for May 27, 2015. This is Sheila Lane, your favorite hapless recapper,* and I put this together with all the help from Hannah Bevis.

*not your favorite recapper, but the only hapless one, so I feel pretty safe in this claim.

At the end of the night Chicago won, Anaheim was even more determined, and we had another night of this facing us:


How about them details:

(CHI) KNEEEEEEEEL (Brandon Saad) at 8:23 of the second period
(CHI) Demi-god Marian Hossa at 10:41 of the second period
(CHI) Patrick Kane at 12:08 of the second period
(ANA) Patrick Maroon, proud member of Team Nico, at 14:13 of the second period on the power play
(ANA) Clayton Stoner at 1:57 of the third period
(CHI) Shin pad owner Andrew Shaw at 16:28 of the third period
(CHI) Andrew Shaw at 19:11 of the third period

Goalies: Corey Crawford stopped 30 of 32 shots, Frederik Andersen stopped 18 of 22 shots.


Your requisite tweet from Gordon Bombay:

I have watched like three replays of this goal and I still don’t – how did he – KANER.

Both these people are correct.

Duncan Keith earned three assists and was the first star of the game. What do you mean he’s averaging the highest amount of ice time in the playoffs? He’s fine. Totally fine. Not tired at all. *eye twitch*

Most people were prepared to die for Jonathan Toews after his performance in Game 5. Erik Karlsson was not one of them. Just give it some time, Erik.

Kimmo got scratched and it was awful


Blackhawks 5, Ducks 2, tying the series at 3-3. And we all know what THAT means:

This series ends, one way or another, May 30 at 8:00 Eastern in Anaheim.

Hold me.


Once the points were tallied and the soundbytes given The Other Half took a vote and we agree:

What impressed us:
Not only did the Hawks manage to eke out a victory to send the series to Game 7, but Mark Lazarus made an ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ reference and it was great.

Patrick Maroon’s twitter. Seriously, he has never met a family needing help that he didn’t RT in support. Who IS this guy.

What distressed us:
The third Blackhawks’ defense pairing continues to get literally no ice time and it’s wearing on both the other four defenseman and on every Hawks’ fans last nerve.

To summarize: Hawks. Ducks. One will survive to meet the Bolts in the Stanley Cup Final. Fans of both teams will struggle to survive the nerves. Join us, won’t you?

Janice Rochford
Janice has spent most of her life involved in Sports & Marketing. A Basketball junkie in her early years she went on to study Marketing and Sports Management at university. She has been previously a member of the Basketball Australia Statistics Committee and Head of statistics for the Basketball Queensland and the Brisbane Bullets in the Australian National Basketball League. She was also involved in sponsorship and marketing for the Sydney Olympics and the formation of the Football Federation of Australia. Her passion is open wheel racing but she loves anything that goes vroom. She has a new found love of Ice Hockey thanks to the enablers on her twitter feed.

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