Cup Check! May 31, 2015

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Cup Check! May 31, 2015

Welcome to The Other Half’s crowdsourced playoff-recap for May 30, 2015. Tonight’s Cup Check was compiled by Blackhawks fan Eliza Eaton-Stern, who promised to not entirely let her Hawks love dominate this recap.

At the end of the night, though, she and all the other Hawks fans out there had a lot to celebrate, as they absolutely dominated the Anaheim Ducks 5-3 and closed out the series, moving on to the Stanley Cup Final against Tampa.

How about them details:

CHI – Toews at 2:23 in the 1st
CHI PPG – Toews at 11:55 in the 1st
CHI – Saad at 1:18 in the 2nd
CHI – Hossa at 13:45 in the 2nd
ANA – Kesler at 18:51 in the 2nd
ANA – Perry at 11:36 in the 3rd
CHI PPG – Seabrook at 13:23 in the 3rd
ANA PPG – Beleskey at 19:18 in the 3rd

Goalies: Corey Crawford stopped 33 of 35, Frederik Andersen stopped 18 of 21.

Notables: At least one Duck was absolutely ready for Game 7:

He might have been the only one, though, and he wasn’t on the ice. The Hawks came out – ahem – flying:

The Ducks were pushed back into their own zone most of the period, beginning even before the first Toews goal less than 3 minutes into the game:

Ducks supporters grew more distressed:

And Jonathan Toews did his Jonathan Toews Captain Clutch thing:

It was a pretty great first period from Jonathan Toews and the Chicago Blackhawks:

The second period started off just as great from the Blackhawks with a killer goal from Brandon Saad, who showed some patience and tapped it into a wide-open net off a gorgeous feed from Patrick Kane after the Ducks defense seemed to collectively forget he was there:

Next it was Marian Hossa’s turn to score, though the call was a liiiiiiittle questionable. Still, it stood:

After the call failed to go their way, the Ducks seemed to wake up a bit. Kesler scored to close out the period, and Perry opened his account almost halfway through the 3rd, after the Hawks had kiiiind of sat on their lead a bit, relying heavily on their defense. And by their defense, we of course mean Duncan Keith:

But then Fowler committed a Fowl (oh god I’m so sorry) and the Hawks went to the power play, and the Hawks scored another power play goal, with an excellent screen courtesy of Andrew “Net Front Presence” Shaw:

Hawks fans were like:

The Ducks scored again, this time on the power play themselves, but it was too little, too late. Hawks win:

Best: That pass from Kane for the Saad goal. Even when he’s not putting it in the back of the net himself, he’s kind of a wizard:

CELEBRATE, BOYS. You deserve it.

Worst: Sad Frederik Andersen. You were so good for so long during these playoffs. Take heart, ginger duckling!


Blackhawks 5, Ducks 3, and Chicago closes out the series to meet the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup Final.

The Stanley Cup Final begins on June 3, 2015 at 8:00 in Tampa Bay, Florida.


Once the points were tallied and the soundbytes given The Other Half took a vote and we agree:

What impressed us: Seriously, Duncan Keith, you’re not human. We get it. Point taken:

What distressed us: Guys. GUYS. The postseason is almost over. Only 7 more games, TOPS, until no hockey for the summer. THIS IS NOT OKAY.

Bolts. Hawks. See you back here on Tuesday, friends.

Eliza Eaton-Stern
Eliza is co-owner and Editor-in-Chief of The Other Half. She did her undergrad at the University of St. Andrews, where she once played air guitar with Prince William, and her Masters at the London School of Economics, where she wrote her dissertation on the history of military veterans in the Paralympic Movement. Despite the amount of time spent in Great Britain, she remains staunchly Midwestern in her feelings about how much cheese should accompany any given meal (lots). She lives in Colorado with her Hockey Hating Husband, where she plays rugby and yells at the TV about a wide variety of sports, including hockey, football, and other football.

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