Cup Check! May 4, 2015

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Cup Check! May 4, 2015

Here we go again with The Other Half’s crowdsourced Stanley Cup Playoffs recap! Join Janice Rochford and (Angry) Beth Boyle Machlan as they explain why Henrik Lundqvist will be waking in the night screaming about beagles for years to come!

Happy Beagle Is Happy

New York Rangers at Washington Capitals – Round 2, Game 3

-WSH Beagle at 07:31 in the 2nd

Goalies: Lundqvist stopped 21 of 22, Holtby stopped 30 of 30.


As God is my witness, I thought this was a custodian. Turns out it’s Glen Sather, the Rangers’ GM. Live and learn.

Whatever Holby is doing it’s working. Never underestimate the power of routine and visualisation.

Despite being 39 Martin St Louis is an actual child:


Give Holtby all the hugs

On the up-side for the Blueshirts: Hey! Ovi didn’t score OR put a hole through anybody!

JANICE: Was it just me? Was I not in hockey mode? This game was like bran cereal after we got a fruit loop banquet yesterday? I mean it keeps you regular but it’s just no fun! (Yeah, no fun because we LOST — Angry Beth)

BETH: While Mats Zuccarello has been out for the whole series so far, I would argue that this was the first game in which the Rangers (and their fans) both felt and saw a Hobbit-sized hole in the lineup — and one could argue that the hole was much bigger than the Hobbit. Zucc’s scrappiness and heart were sorely missed, and the Blueshirts better find something else to get them going. Maybe candy?

What impressed us: OH FINE HOLTBY WHATEVER. You picked a hell of a time to figure out how to close the 5-hole.

What distressed us: Wondering why some Caps fan with intact eardrums hasn’t throttled the guy with the airhorn. Oh, and let’s not forget Pierre referring to Kevin Hayes as a “manchild.” That’s just grotesque.

Washington 1 – New York Rangers 0, Washington lead the series 2-1.

This series continues 7:30pm Wednesday, May 6 in Washington.

Beth Boyle Machlan
Beth is maybe a little deranged about the NY Rangers, with whom her girls' team shared practice ice at Rye Playland back in the 80s. However, she can get sucked into almost any sport enough to yell at the TV. She teaches writing full-time, is raising one hockey player and one artist, and wants to create a contact sport for middle-aged ladies with bad backs.

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