Cup Check! Monday, May 18, 2015

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Cup Check! Monday, May 18, 2015

Thanks to the talented Beth Boyle Machlan for her recap of last nights game and the amazing Christy Kondo for her on point cup doodle.

New York Rangers v. Tampa Bay Lightning

Over the course of this playoff season, the Rangers have expressed a clear preference for 2-1 games, and as of Saturday the Bolts appeared to be obliging them. Last night, however, when the Rangers repeated the pattern, the Bolts suddenly woke up and said something to the effect of “WAIT NO WE’RE NOT DOING THAT WE’RE GETTING LOTS OF GOALS F*&K YOU.” So then the Rangers said “OK FINE WELL THEN WE’RE GETTING LOTS OF PENALTIES” and the Bolts replied “THAT ACTUALLY WORKS OUT FINE FOR US, THANKS” and yeah well it was a pretty weird night.

As usual, the Daily News cut to the chase:


(TBL) SHG – Tyler Johnson at 5:38 in the 1st period
(NYR) PPG – Chris Kreider at 11:15 in the 1st
(TBL) PPG – Tyler Johnson at 8:17 in the 2nd
(TBL) Tyler Johnson at 8:17 in the 2nd
(NYR) PPG – Derek Stepan at 14:17 in the 2nd
(TBL) Alex Killorn at 3:09 in the 3rd
(TBL) PPG – Steven Stamkos at 6:28 in the 3rd
(TBL) PPG – Alex Killorn at 18:58 in the 3rd


Ben Bishop stopped 35 of 37; Henrik Lundqvist stopped 20 of 26 (*sobs*).

OK, this picture is pretty cool.


The officiating was, shall we say, “impressionistic?” The refs went from “Let them play” to “STOP THAT. STOP THAT RIGHT NOW. SEE THAT PUCK? IT’S MINE NOW,” back to “Let them play even if they trip each other egregiously right in front of me,” to actually getting smashed into the boards by a tandem Klein/Stamkos and having to leave the game. Get well soon, Brad Kovachek!

Just FYI, if one were so inclined, one could sing “All the penalties; all the penalties” to the tune of “Single Ladies,” but then one might require a palate cleanser.

And then there’s this. Like a dog at bedtime.


Tyler Johnson’s natural hatty. Here they are …

OK fine, a Killorn goal too. What a pass.

Also, Twitter is full of awesome women who know a fuckton about hockey. Find and follow them. Here are two of the best:


The Rangers PP has always been bad (although it resulted in both goals last night — again, Bizarro Game), but did you know that they are 1 for 12 in 5 on 3s? I bet you didn’t! As of this little debacle last night, this means that the Blueshirts are as likely to be scored on in a 5 on 3 scenario as they are to score. Which is deplorable.

In Bizarro Game, Tanner Glass strips Steven Stamkos of the puck AND his stick, which is then stolen by Derick Brassard.

Stamkos then decides to march down the Rangers tunnel to get it back. This is a poor idea. Luckily the ref agrees.

What impressed us: Tyler Johnson. Shine on you crazy short hockey diamond who nobody wanted!

What distressed us: That Martin St. Louis was once Tyler Johnson and now very much isn’t.

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