Cup Check! Stanley Cup Final Game 1, June 3, 2015

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Cup Check! Stanley Cup Final Game 1, June 3, 2015

Welcome to The Other Half’s crowdsourced playoff-recap for June 3rd, 2015. Today’s Cup Check was put together entirely by Shameless Blackhawks Homer Eliza Eaton-Stern, who has done a pretty admirable job of remaining somewhat neutral, all things considered.

At the end of the night, the Hawks fans were feeling pretty great, as the Blackhawks came from behind to beat the Lightning 2-1.

How about them details:

TBL – Killorn at 4:31 in the 1st
CHI – Teravainen at 13:28 in the 3rd
CHI – Vermette at 15:26 in the 3rd

Goalies: Corey Crawford stopped 22 of 23, Ben Bishop stopped 19 of 21.


So both teams come out flying, but the Lightning strike first with an unreal tip by Harvard Man Alex Killorn – universally acknowledged as a freaking great goal:

Welllll… almost universally:

No goals in the second, though lots of exciting back-and-forth from both sides, and then in the 3rd, young Teuvo Teravainen does a thing:

And the Hawks tie it up with less than 10 to go. Hawks fans were… pretty pleased, and showing their love for the young Finn:

It had been coming for a while, though:

Hawks, smelling blood, did not let up, and the pressure paid off in the form of a goal from Antoine Vermette from a Teravainen assist:

If the first period was all Tampa, and the second period was an even, exciting back-and-forth, the third period saw the Hawks dominate, and despite some desperate last-gasp attempts at tying it up, the Hawks prevailed:

Best: Teuvo Teravainen. Way to show up big, kid:


Worst: Tampa. Tampa, Tampa, Tampa. The Blackhawks are not a team to sit on a lead against. This is not gonna be a strategy that’s gonna work out in your favor. Which… I guess you’ve probably learned now:


Chicago 2, Tampa 1, giving the Blackhawks a 1-0 series lead.

This series continues Saturday, June 6 at 7:15 in Tampa Bay.


Once the points were tallied and the soundbytes given The Other Half took a vote and we agree:

What impressed us: When Joel Quenneville scratches players, they take it to heart. The two goal scorers, Teravainen and Vermette, were both healthy-scratched in Game 3 of the series against Anaheim:

What distressed us: …did Andrew Shaw bite a dude? Please tell me all of you all have your shots:

One thing’s for sure – it’s gonna be an interesting series. Join us for our next recap on Sunday, June 7th to see how the action breaks down. Will Tampa even up the series? Will Chicago manage to steal two on the road? We’ll see on Saturday!

Eliza Eaton-Stern
Eliza is co-owner and Editor-in-Chief of The Other Half. She did her undergrad at the University of St. Andrews, where she once played air guitar with Prince William, and her Masters at the London School of Economics, where she wrote her dissertation on the history of military veterans in the Paralympic Movement. Despite the amount of time spent in Great Britain, she remains staunchly Midwestern in her feelings about how much cheese should accompany any given meal (lots). She lives in Colorado with her Hockey Hating Husband, where she plays rugby and yells at the TV about a wide variety of sports, including hockey, football, and other football.

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