Three Months And A Few Days

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I meant to do this on June 1st, a “Hey! Happy Anniversary!” post. Par for the course for us, that totally didn’t happen. We’re doing it today. :)

It’s June 8th, 2015 – a little over three months after we opened – The Other Half has had 12,000 visitors to our site. We’ve crashed a handful of times because of better-known sports journalists linking to us while our crappy (former) webhost refused to let us have the traffic. We’ve approved more comments than we’ve rejected, and I only had to shut down the conversation on a post once. We’ve joked around with Mark Lazarus and Chris Kluwe on Twitter, and we have all of us – every single person who staff the Twitter account – posted (and immediately deleted) our personal tweets to the TOH account at least once. Sometimes more than one of us in a night. We’ve posted 140 articles by two dozen people. (Mostly hockey, mostly Cup Checks. We’re expanding soon, I promise.)

And in the middle of all of that, our Editor in Chief got married (and her beloved Hawks won during her reception).

A happy, happy bride.

A happy, happy bride.

Our Senior Articles Editor survived the utter heartbreak of her home team losing the Conference Final.

I give up

And among all of us we have suffered losses, shocks, the general stresses that come with life, and those that are simply, utterly unfair. We have persevered with The Other Half in spite of it all, because we love what we do, and we are resolute in pulling each other back to our feet when we get knocked down.

It’s been a long three months. We haven’t always got our act together (I’ve totally copped to backdating stuff we forgot to post on time) and I think sometimes our writers despair of those of us in management. But we try, and we adore the people we work with, and we’re still going even with the bumps in the road.

We’re also still tweaking our comments policy, but we have a pretty solid standard for what we do and do not approve. Jerks with fake addresses don’t get through. Personal attacks, containing slurs or not, go right in the bin. Idiotic comments that completely miss the point but don’t personally attack anybody…yeah, I let those through. Conversation is not a bad thing, and while we refuse to be a platform for the more horrible trolls on the internet, I’m not going to stop people from commenting just because they don’t agree with us. So long as they can be remotely civil about it, anyway.

We’re still a little site. We’re still finding our feet. But we have ambitions, and we have goals. Hell, we have dreams that are unabashedly big.

And you have no idea how much it means to us that you’re hanging in there with us. When you take the time to drop a note on Twitter that you like what we’re doing it buoys us up and keeps us going.

One of the goals we have maintained from the beginning is to provide a platform for writers to publish their works on women and sports. We are always upfront that payment to provide content for The Other Half currently comes in Love and Appreciation and the opportunity to practice our craft, to experiment with our voices, to find our footing in sports journalism.

My god would we love to be able to pay in cash, though. We’re working on it. We’re still trudging forward and the ads we allow on the site are giving us a little at a time.

So here’s your regular reminder: if there’s something you’ve always wanted to write, if you’ve ever wished you had a place where you could stretch yourself in your writing, if you want a low-stress opportunity to talk about sports that you love…hit us up. We’d love to talk about your ideas, we’d love to help you find your voice.

The NHL season is winding down (while winding us all up) and we’re gearing up to fill the site with a whole lot of other awesome sports. I cannot wait to share our amazing writers’ works with you.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being here with us.

Sasha Davis
Managing Editor
Sasha is co-owner and Managing Editor of The Other Half. A runner and an avid hockey fan, after spending years in graphic design and accounting she turned her sights to her first true love and has spent the last year honing her editing skills on tech articles and short fiction. Sports writing is a whole new ballgame.

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