Newsdesk: Célia Šašić Retires at 27

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Newsdesk: Célia Šašić Retires at 27

The World Cup scoring leader has announced her retirement in a statement via facebook. (Translation below).

Dear fans,
Football is my passion. Football already accompany me my whole life and is also used to be a part of me. 11 years I was in the 1. Women-Bundesliga and long 10,5 years in the German women national football team unforgettable moments and part of an incredible development. That makes me proud. Nevertheless, I have now decided to go new ways, and my career to end in professional football. I am now on a whole lot of new things in front of me my studies are: end for me, a family and much more. I would, of course, me also at this point, with all my heart thank you to all those that I such a career, and supported me all the time. Above all, my parents, my husband and even my whole family and friends for a long time had to get along without me. But, of course, also for all trainers and coaches, doctors, physiotherapists, teammates, supervisors, and all the others, the me on my way and accompanied.
I’ll make the time always in valuable memories.
Your Celia

Šašić has 65 goals at an international level, was top scorer in the Bundesliga and Champions League in 2014/2015, and was German Footballer of the year in 2012.

Janice Rochford
Janice has spent most of her life involved in Sports & Marketing. A Basketball junkie in her early years she went on to study Marketing and Sports Management at university. She has been previously a member of the Basketball Australia Statistics Committee and Head of statistics for the Basketball Queensland and the Brisbane Bullets in the Australian National Basketball League. She was also involved in sponsorship and marketing for the Sydney Olympics and the formation of the Football Federation of Australia. Her passion is open wheel racing but she loves anything that goes vroom. She has a new found love of Ice Hockey thanks to the enablers on her twitter feed.

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