The Pinch Hitter: July 26

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The Pinch Hitter: July 26

Dodgers/Nationals 7/19: Zack Greinke extends a scoreless streak to 43 2/3 innings by going 8 innings while allowing only 3 hits and 1 walk. He struck out 11. He lowered his 2015 WHIP to 0.822 and raised his ERA+ to 281. Bryce Harper < a href=””>may not be impressed with Greinke’s pitching but I certainly am. There aren’t any other teams right now that have a 2 has good as him.
Final Score: Dodgers win 5-0.

An interesting question for the Dodgers is when they will call up Corey Seager. Seager was rated as a top ten prospect by Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus before the 2015 season and his currently hitting .283/.335/.461 in 65 games in AAA. Jimmy Rollins, the current Dodgers shortstop, is hitting .204/.259/.322 in contrast to his career numbers of .265/.325.420. Rollins, 36, is an off-season acquisition from the Phillies where he spent his whole career. He was obtained to fill the hole left by the departure of Hanley Ramirez. However, given the performance comparison between Rollins and Seager, I can’t imagine Rollins ends the season as the Dodgers everyday shortstop.

Astros/Rangers 7/19: 7.0 IP/2 hits/13 K, lowers ERA to 2.12 José Altuve is a defensive gem. I can’t wait to watch him for years to come. It is sometimes hard to watch Astros games considering Wade picked Amaro’s pocket to the tune of 4 MLB players in the Hunter Pence trade but the Astros are a good team who are worth watching. In fact, they just got even better with the acquisition of pitcher Scott Kazmir from the Oakland A’s. The same can’t be said of the Phillies.
Final Score: Astros win 10-0.

Mets/Cardinals 7/19: (18 innings) Martinez allowed two runs in the 18th inning, one on a Tejada sac fly and one on a bunt by Campbell. The teams collectively left 39 runners on base including the Mets going 1-26 with RISP. Martinez, of the Cardinals, and Tejada, of the Mets, are both Dominican baseball players. I’m pointing this out because Colin Cowherd of ESPN believes baseball isn’t that difficult if Dominicans can do it. By the way, by the time that you read this sentence Pedro Martínez will have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and Cowherd will have been fired by ESPN. Cowherd already had another job lined up with Fox but I have to question, given Fox’s investment in MLB, how a second, similar incident would be treated by his new employer. Martinez, who is currently an analyst for the MLB Network, responded to the comments by posterizing Cowherd.
Final Score: Mets win 3-1.

Mets/Nationals 7/21: Bryce Harper saw 10 pitches his first at bat before he hit a pop fly. Harper currently leads the NL in OBP, slugging, and runs while being 4th in RBIs Jacob deGrom went 6 innings allowing 3 hits, 2 runs, no walks and striking out 8.
Final Score: Mets win 7-2.

Phillies/Rays 7/22: The Phillies have called up Aaron Nola. The team’s rebuild has officially been declared. (Not really. This team is still losing 100 games.) Nola throws a fastball, change-up, tight curve, and occasionally throws a big curve that needs some work. He threw 18 pitches in the first inning, striking out 2 and allowing 1 hit. He went 6 innings allowing 5 hits, 1 walk, and a run while striking out 6. In the grand tradition of Phillies baseball, he got no run support and took a loss on his first major league start. In other pitcher news, the Phillies have still not traded Cole Hamels.
Final Score: Rays win 1-0

Yankees/Orioles 7/22: 450 foot HR by Alex Rodriguez in a 4-3 Yankees win versus the division rival Baltimore Orioles. on 7/22. Rodriguez is having a great year for a 39 year old. He’s hitting .275/.375/.518 as the Yankees’ DH.
Final Score: Yankees win 4-3.

Dodgers/Mets 7/23: Kershaw threw a complete game shut out. He allowed only three hits and no walks while striking out 11. Ho-Hum. Just another day at the ballpark for Kershaw. One thinks about what would have happened if Hanley Ramirez had not committed that error during Kershaw’s no hitter.
Final Score: Dodgers win 3-0

Phillies/Cubs 7/25: Cole Hamels, pitching probably his last game as a Phillie, struck out 13. He issued two walks and did not allow a hit. It was the third no hitter of the 2015 MLB season. Hamels has been the subject of trade rumors for over a year as the Phillies have sunk to the basement of the National League. The national baseball media has been questioning whether Hamels was worth the Phillies reportedly high asking price. Time will make the final judgement on that likely trade but Hamels certainly gave the Phillies, and their fans, his all today.
FInal Score: Phillies win 5-0.

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