A Victory For Us All

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A Victory For Us All

Time for some Real Talk, readers and friends of the Other Half.

We’ve had some questions directed at us in the past week or so, and we figured it was probably for the best to address them here, through me. Namely – how do we feel about the launch of the Victory Press and the indiegogo campaign to support it? And, surrounding that, where do we fit in with the whole paying women for the work they do thing?

First of all – we unequivocally support the work that Zoë Hayden is undertaking. We know pretty intimately how hard it is to launch a website like the one she’s wanting to do, and we have loved the coverage she and the writers she’s so far recruited to join her have done on women’s hockey in both the CWHL and the NWHL. She’s a fantastic writer who cares deeply about the importance of women’s hockey and women covering women’s hockey. We’re excited to read Victory Press when it launches in January. As far as we at TOH are concerned, all of you should be as well.

Our goals here at TOH don’t change because someone else not directly associated with us launches a site about women’s hockey. We’re women who want to write about sports – the internet is big enough for us to support each other. We don’t have to all be under one roof, nor should we be. Frankly, the idea that there are people out there who look at this as something that could potentially lessen or compete with what we’re doing is just one symptom of the problem. We desperately need to make women writing about sport the norm, not some weird annex of the sporting world that we get shuffled into, where, like the Highlander, there can be only one.

But more than that, we’re grateful that Zoë has helped launch anew the conversation about paying women for the work that we do.

In case you’re wondering, we currently make no money from the Other Half. We have ads on our page, along with affiliate links, but they have not yet made us enough to recover the cost of launching the site, let alone to begin to pay our writers and ourselves for the work we do. What we have done so far has been a labor of hope that we will build up enough of a regular readership through consistent, quality content that we’ll be able to, first, recoup the costs of putting the site together, and second, pay our writers per piece.

This is something that all of our writers were aware of going into it, and something that we agreed on as a group, because we believe in what we’re doing and we couldn’t really see another way around it.

It’s my hope that, with the fantastic response to Zoë’s campaign to launch the Victory Press – which is still going on and which you can and should support here – we can come up with something of our own. We are a different site, with a different mission, and different ideas about what we need to cover. And, as I said before – the internet is big enough for the both of us. We look forward to linking to the Victory Press and signal boosting the work they do where our coverage converges.

We at TOH will be discussing, as a collective unit, what to do to jumpstart our ability to pay per article to our fantastic contributing writers. It might be something like Patreon, or a campaign like the one that Zoë used on indiegogo. But whatever we do, we have faith that the excellent work we’ve done so far – whether it’s been funny or sad or heartfelt or pissed people off that probably needed pissing off to begin with – will carry us. We will continue to provide a platform for women and genderqueer folks who have something to say about sports to have their voice heard. And hopefully, with your help, we can pay them for the work they put in to make this site a great place to spend time reading about whatever sport, men’s or women’s, that our readers like to watch, play, or both.

Eliza Eaton-Stern
Eliza is co-owner and Editor-in-Chief of The Other Half. She did her undergrad at the University of St. Andrews, where she once played air guitar with Prince William, and her Masters at the London School of Economics, where she wrote her dissertation on the history of military veterans in the Paralympic Movement. Despite the amount of time spent in Great Britain, she remains staunchly Midwestern in her feelings about how much cheese should accompany any given meal (lots). She lives in Colorado with her Hockey Hating Husband, where she plays rugby and yells at the TV about a wide variety of sports, including hockey, football, and other football.

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