The Pinch Hitter: August 31, 2015

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The Pinch Hitter: August 31, 2015


Toronto vs. Tigers 8/28/15: R.A. Dickey went 6 2/3rds innings allowing 3 runs (2 of them home runs) on 6 hits while striking out 6. Detroit had only one player in scoring position all game. The Blue Jays remain on top of the AL East
Final Score: Blue Jays 5, Tigers 3

Yankees vs. Astros 8/25/15: Keuchel, pitching for the Astros, allowed only 3 hits and no runs in seven innings of work. He struck out 9 and his offense gave him ample run support, putting 15 runs on the board. The Yankees dropped 2 out 3 in this series. They now trail Toronto in the AL East by 1.5 games. Their playoff picture is not grim, however; they are 4 games up in the Wild Card standings. The Astros have started to open up a comfortable lead in the AL West. They are up by 5 games with less than 40 to play.
Houston 15, Yankees 1

AL Wild Card Race

The AL Wild Card race is a close one. . They Twins are 0.5 games out of the 2nd Wild Card spot. The Yankees are 4 games up on Texas while the Rangers are clinging to that 2nd spot by their toenails.


Dodgers vs. Cubs 8/28/15: Kershaw went 8 innings and allowed 1 run on 3 hits while striking out 14 for the Dodgers to top the Cubs. The Dodgers left 8 runners in scoring position. The Dodgers keep their lead in the NL West race.
Final Score: Dodgers 4, Cubs 1

Giants vs. Cubs 8/27/15: Bumgarner allowed 1 run on 2 hits while striking out 12. It was another commanding performance for Bumgarner. The Giants are trying to keep within striking distance of the Dodgers in the NL West. The Giants took 2 out of 3 from the Cubs. The Cubs, however, are still 5.5 games up on their nearest competitors for a Wild Card spot. At this point, it looks like both NL Wild Card teams may come out of the NL Central. The Pirates have a four game lead for the first Wild Card spot and the Cubs have a 5.5 game lead over the Giants for the second Wild Card spot. If the Dodgers or Giants want to make the play-offs, they need to win their division and their division race remains a close one. It, along with the AL East, is the only neck and neck race right now. That isn’t to say that someone couldn’t emerge in the NL West as well but the Royals and Mets seem to have things well in hand in their respective divisions.
Final Score: Giants 9, Cubs 1

NL Wild Card Race

Pirates: The Pirates took 3 of 4 from Miami to maintain their lead in the NL Wild Card race. They trail the Cardinals in their division by 4.5 games but are 4.0 games up on the second place Wild Card team.

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