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Team TOH is…


Eliza Eaton

Managing Editor

Sasha Davis

Associate Editor 

Katie Brown

Associate Editor 

Faith Mitchell

Associate Editor 

Janice Rochford

Senior Articles Editor 

Beth Boyle Machlan

Articles Editors 

Hannah Bevis, Alexandra Corhan, Vicki Cowan, Terri King, Christy Kondo, E. Lipes, Sreya Mazumder, Allyson Z.

Staff Writers 

Sarah D., Amber French, Casey Lucas, Joy Mountfort

Contributing Writers 

Vicky Davis, Locria F., Lacy K. Fuller, Sheila Lane, Meg W.

The Other Half is a sports commentary and lifestyle website for women, by women. From insightful journalism on all the sports they care about, to coverage of the peripheral parts of being a fan–pop culture, gear, travel, etc.– we are dedicated to creating a safe space for female, gender nonconformist, and otherwise underserved voices in the sports community.

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